GSWThe 14th Global Sourcing Workshop

18-21 December 2019

About the Workshop

Global sourcing of Information Technology (IT) and various business services has received increasing attention since 2000 and the offshoring role in Y2K work. Many organizations in  developed economies have rapidly evolved global models involving a mix of third parties at a range of geographical locations. Meanwhile developing economies have looked to develop their own industries to stimulate and meet demand. Both domestic and offshore suppliers are increasingly engaging in designing more sophisticated sourcing arrangements, including offshore, nearshore and onshore components.
This annual Workshop, founded in 2007, aims to explore how new and emerging forms of outsourcing and offshoring challenge sourcing practices and theories, and consequently identify new directions for research and practice. The workshop aims to bring together viewpoints from various disciplines, including Information Systems, International Business, Strategy, Operation Management and Organisational Behaviour on global sourcing of IT, Business and Knowledge Services and Innovation.
Best papers from  the 1st Global Sourcing Workshop (March 2007, Val d'Isere, France) were published in the Special Issue of Journal of Information Technology on Global Sourcing: Knowledge, Services and Innovation in the Journal of Information Technology published in 2008 (vol. 23 issue 1) and in the book  “Outsourcing Global Services: Knowledge, Innovation and Social Capital” published by  Palgrave, London.
Best papers from the 2nd Global Sourcing Workshop (March 2008, Val d'Isere, France) were published in the Special Issue of Information Technology and People on Social, Managerial and Knowledge Aspects in Global IT Sourcing published in 2009 (vol. 22 issue 3).
Best papers from the 3rd Global Sourcing Workshop (March 2009, Key Stone, Colorado, USA) were included in the Special Issue in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management on the Impacts of Global IS Sourcing on Engineering, Technology and Innovation Management published in 2011 (vol 58. issue 4).
Best papers from the 4th Global Sourcing Workshop (March 2010, Zermatt, Switzerland)  were published  in the book “Global Sourcing of Information technology and Business Processes” (2010) by Springer.
Best papers from the 5th Global Sourcing Workshop (March 2011, Courchevel 1850, France) were published in the book “New Studies in Global IT and Business Services” (2011) by Springer.
Best papers from the 6th Global Sourcing Workshop (March 2012, Courchevel 1850, France) were published  in the book  "The Dynamics of Global Sourcing: Perspectives and Practices" (2012) by Springer.
Best papers from the 7th Global Sourcing Workshop (March 2013, Val d'Isere, France) were published in the book “Advances in global sourcing: Models, Governance and Relationships” (2013) by Springer.
Best papers from the 8th Global Sourcing Workshop (March 2014, Val d'Isere, France) were published in the book "Governing Sourcing Relationships: A Collection of Studies at the Country, Sector and Firm Level" (2014) by Springer.
Best papers from the 9th Global Sourcing Workshop (February 2015, La Thuile, Italy) were published in the book “Achieving Success and Innovation in Global Sourcing: Perspectives and Practices”  (2015) by Springer.
Best papers from the 10th Global Sourcing Workshop (February 2016, Val d'Isere, France) were published in the book “Shared Services and Outsourcing: A Contemporary Outlook”  (2016) by Springer.
Best papers from the 11th Global Sourcing Workshop (February 2017, La Thuile, Itay) were published in the book “Global Sourcing of Digital Services: Micro and Macro Perspectives” (2017) by Springer. 
Best papers from the 12th Global Sourcing Workshop (February 2018, La Thuile, Itay) are in the process of being published by Springer.
The 14th Global Sourcing Workshop will take place in December 2019 in Obergurgl, Austria. For details see Call for Papers.  
The First , Third, Fifth and Sixth workshops are partially sponsored by Accenture

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