Our most recent research include emerging sourcing models, captive (in-house) centers, innovation, multi-sourcing, shared services, high performance BPO, legal process outsourcing, offshore location attractiveness, cloud computing coordination and cognitive processes in knowledge intensive services. Each year we identify new, emerging key themes to research.

Research in progress

Innovation in outsourcing, client and supplier perspectivesOshri, Kotlarsky, Rivard, Willcocks, Lacity
Digital representations, expertise and work practices in BPO Oshri, Kotlarsky and Henfridsson
Governance in multisourcing Kotlarsky, Oshri, Dibbern
High performance BPO Willcocks, Lacity
Coordination in multisourcing Kotlarsky, Oshri, Jin
Backsourcing Oshri, Kotlarsky, Ejodame
Captive (in-house) centersOshri
CrowdsourcingKotlarsky, Nevo
Shared service centre design and strategiesOshri

Completed projects

Expertise coordination in offshore outsourcingKotlarsky, Oshri, Scarbrough
Attractiveness of United Kingdom for outsourcing and offshoring of high-value workOshri
Supplier capabilities for croudsourcingNevo, Kotlarsky
Evolution of captive services and the future of captive unitsOshri
Value and ROI in outsourcing Oshri, Kotlarsky
Cloud computing - business models, management and futuresWillcocks, Whitley, Venters
Attractiveness of Russia for outsourcing and offshoringKotlarsky, Levina, Kuraksina
The Economics of Bundled OutsourcingWillcocks, Oshri, Hindle
The application of memory systems during TransitionOshri, Kotlarsky, van Fenema
Special Issue of MISQ Executive on developing domestic and global sourcing workforcesWillcocks
Knowledge and Expertise in outsourcingOshri, Kotlarsky, Willcocks
Outsourcing Trends and Management Australasia and Asia PacificSeddon, Reynolds, Cullen, Willcocks
Emerging Centres: Non-BRIC countriesGriffiths, Willcocks, Kotlarsky
Knowledge-based perspective on coordination in offshoringKotlarsky, van Fenema, Willcocks
Innovation and Knowledge ManagementWillcocks, Craig
Modularity and the effect on offshore-outsourcing performance Kotlarsky, Oshri
Social ties and socialization, and the effect on offshore-outsourcing performanceKotlarsky, Oshri, Willcocks
Outsourcing leadershipWillcocks, Graig
Building Retained Core CapabilitiesWillcocks, Graig
UK attractiveness in BPO servicesOshri
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