About Us

LeslieProfessor of Technology, Globalisation and Work, London School of Economics

Leslie P. Willcocks

Professor of Technology and Global Sourcing, The University of Auckland

Julia Kotlarsky

IlanProfessor of Technology and Globalisation, The University of Auckland

Ilan Oshri

We are three professors from different universities, but what unite us and the academic and practitioner network we have built is the joint passion and interest in researching and improving practices in global sourcing, outsourcing and offshoring. The dynamics of global sourcing marketplaces together with new technological developments give  rise to new sourcing models and service delivery practices, making this area of research  fascinating, challenging  and highly relevant. This led us in 2007 to found the Global Sourcing Workshop which has become an annual gathering of academics researching the global sourcing phenomenon.
Our research is rooted in the actual practice of outsourcing and offshoring. In our teaching and executive education we draw on a wide range of sourcing practices across industries, and multiple theoretical lenses developed in our own research as well as by academic colleagues around the world. We work with an outstanding network of researchers from leading schools in Europe and the USA, and also collaborate extensively with media and industrial partners.
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